Residents exercising outside

Comfort ∙ Security ∙ Friendship

Live your life to the fullest. At Harmony Hill, we offer an abundance of planned and impromptu social activities to choose from. Our focus is to deliver a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle that touches on the 6 Dimensions of Wellness:

Physical – engaging in activities that build strength, flexibility and endurance

Social – minimizing isolation by building strong, healthy relationships

Intellectual – creating an environment that provides problem-solving, mind-expanding adventures, new experiences and stimulating interaction

Occupational – continuing to cultivate talents, skills and competencies to help seniors enrich daily life

Emotional – building optimism and managing responses to life’s ups and downs

Spiritual – connecting with your heart, discovering joy, and finding harmony.

The GREAT Program

Harmony Hill’s GREAT Program was created during the COVID pandemic to help our residents with early to mid-stages of dementia. Designed and implemented by one of our caring staff who has extensive training and experience in this field, we are pleased to offer this service to residents of the Orchard on a Level II or Level III care plan.

Gathering Residents to Engage in Activities and Therapies

The program follows a monthly activity calendar full of stimulating group activities and one-on-one personal visits that focus on the 6 Dimensions of Wellness.

Explore our newly opening property – Winchester Glen at Oshawa.