Covid 19 FAQS

Comfort ∙ Security ∙ Friendship

Does Harmony Hill have any Covid-19 cases?

No. We have worked really hard, and our residents and families have supported all of the initiatives we have taken to keep everyone safe. We will continue to adhere strictly to our processes until we can get back to “normal”.

Our residents are enjoying meals in the Dining Room, with some simple precautions in place – and exercise and other activities are taking place, with some cap on a number of participants.

Am I able to move in to Harmony Hill during the pandemic?

Yes! We are fully operational and adhering to all restrictions. We are allowed to have people move in to our community during the pandemic, though there are some small changes to our process.

Why would ANYONE move to a Retirement Home during a pandemic?

Well, the honest truth is that there are still a lot of great reasons to consider Retirement Living – even in this unprecedented time.

1. We are preparing nutritious and delicious meals for our residents so that they don’t have to worry about shopping and line ups etc.

2. We are following all directives and mandates from the Government closely and reacting to the latest updates. We have a lot of resources and support at our fingertips and we are committed to keeping our buildings safe.

3. Residents of Harmony Hill will have access to the vaccine sooner than those living in the greater community.

4. You will be able to socialize (with appropriate precautions) with many friends and neighbors in the building. Just being around other people is good for our mental health.

5. The real estate market is booming! Those who have chosen to make the move have been very happy that they did so.

6. There is no better time to make the adjustment to Retirement Living. You would have to be isolated at home, you can use that time to unwind, settle in your suite, find your way around and get comfortable.

7. There are people here who care. We will stop to chat, check on you to make sure that you are OK, and do everything we can to keep you safe.

Life at Harmony may feel a little different right now, but we are still family.

Do I need to have a Covid-19 test before moving in?

Yes, we need everyone moving in to have the test completed, and then for them to move in within 24 hours of receiving the result. We are doing our best to ensure everyone here stays well and healthy!

Will I have to Quarantine or Self Isolate when I move in?

Yes. If you choose to move into the Orchard or the Grove, there is a quarantine period which allows us to help protect the health of everyone here at Harmony Hill.  We will complete a PCR COVID test no sooner than 24 hours prior to you moving in. For those that are fully vaccinated, we can release you from isolation as soon as we receive your negative test results. For those that are partially or unvaccinated, we do another PCR test on Day 7 of your move in and remove you from quarantine on Day 10 provided your results are negative.

We are doing our best to make this experience as easy as possible. You will have meals delivered to your suite (should you choose), someone will be by twice a day to check in with you and see how you are doing. We will help set up video calls and interactions to help the time pass.

We are hopeful that you can use this time to really acclimatize to your suite and your new surroundings. Set it up perfectly for you! We will be ready to welcome you with open arms into the greater community as soon as that time has ended.